All the products have been put into categories, so you can find what you need easily.  You can choose to buy any product plain, without any design or decoration.  Just add the item to your cart and complete your purchase. More products are being added all the time, but if you need something in particular, but can't find it here, just contact us with what you need

To design your own personalised item then find what you would like and click on the image, of your chosen product.  You will then be taken to the design area.  This is where you can upload your artwork, your logo for example, or you can add text.  You have the option of whether to print or embroider your design too.  Embroidery work does need a specialist design template, which we can have set up for you, if you don't already have this.   The cost to have that set up, will be included in the cost of your order, but this set up, only has to be done once.  Once it has been originated, it will be here in your very own design library, where it can be used again and again.  Your design is stored  and when you are ready to make another order , it will be ready for you to use again, on any product, as many times as you like! 

If you have any queries, if you would like to order a larger quantity, or if you would just prefer that we set up your product for you, just get in touch.



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